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Careful With Dragon Tattoo Designs

Being Careful With Dragon Tattoo Designs

As with anything that will last forever, you should be cautious when you pick it out. This is especially true for dragon tattoo designs. First time tattooers may not realize the complications they will face if they do not think about their tattoo well enough ahead of time. Draw it out yourself on the part of skin you are thinking of designing. Use pen or marker so it will last a few days. If you do not get sick of it then that is the first step.

The colors of the dragon design should also be carefully selected. If you get lighter colors, they will fade and blend in with your skin tone. This can ruin a dragon tattoo if it is not regularly freshened up with new ink. If you opt to get your whites, pinks, and yellows redone every six months or so, you can find yourself with a hefty maintenance bill. Darker colors fade, too, but they will show up better for far longer.

The Best Sleeve Tattoo Designs for the right sleeve tattoo designs? There are so many 

factors that go into the sleeve tattoo design that is right for you.

First, you should consider the time and money investment involved in these typ of tattoos. These factors alone are

especially important as any tattoo that takes up your
whole sleeve, from your shoulder down to your wrist, will typically take hundreds of hours and can cost

thousands of dollars. That brings us to another point: make sure you have the complete budget for you tattoo before you begin the job. As sleeve work costs more and usually takes more work than the average type of tattoo, you definitely don't want to run out of your money while you're only half-way done with the expected job. This happens more often than you would expect. So just make sure you "think before you ink!"

Another obvious ingredient to your sleeve tattoo is the design. The great thing about these tattoos if that even though the take up much space and impose quite a

presence on your body, they can either be predominately masculine or feminine. It all depends on you and what you want to represent. It is not a gender specific thing. Some female sleeve tattoos go the hard-core route and get skull tattoos, some men get them with beautiful, vibrant colors. It depends if you want to represent the more Hippie-style or more of that Punk look.

Some of the most beautiful designs can be represented as Japanese sleeve tattoos. Many people opt for the Japanese tattoos as the symbols are elegant and have deep meaning. A great addition for many women is the flower tattoo. Many women want to express their femininity by with flower designs.

Just remember that half sleeves or quarter are an option if you don't plan to go all the way. These can look very good and tasteful if you don't want everything to be exposed.

Beautiful and Feminine Tattoo Designs and Ideas For Women's Tattoos

Tattoo designs for women are feminine and sexy. They are the ultimate expression of a woman's personality and how she wants to be perceived by those around her. That is why, it is important to go for a tat image that is a definition of who she is. Careful planning and forethought are prerequisites in order to come up with a design that she will love to be tattooed on her forever.

Feminine tattoos are usually more delicate designs compared to tattoos for men. Here are the all time favorite tattoo art among females.

Butterflies are beautiful and fascinating creature that carries symbolical meaning with them. That is why, butterfly tattoo continues to be one of the top favorites among women.

Flower tattoos are artistically appealing and wil
l surely never go out of style. With the wide range of flowers to choose from, in all shapes and colors, the possibilities for coming up with a unique floral tat are endless. The most popular flower tattoo designs are cherry blossoms, lotus, lily and sunflower. For those who are looking for some tropical flair, Hawaiian flowers like hibiscus, plumeria and orchids are very much favored.

Stars are very flexible and versatile in terms of meanings and rendition on the body. They can be tattooed big or small, as shooting star tattoos or as a simple lone star tat and still look pretty interesting.

Fairies are mythical creatures that posses magical powers and have exquisite beauty and interesting personality. They can be depicted as sexy, provocative, magical and even mischievous.

Angel tattoos are generally expression of one's faith or religion. Angels are look upon as divine messengers of God and protectors of mankind.

Dragonfly tattoo designs are usually rendered on the body focusing on its ability to fly and the iridescent colors of its tiny body. They represent a woman's carefree and cheerful side.

When it comes to choice of tattoo locations,it all depends on the kind of design and size of the tattoo art that a woman wants to be inked on her. For simple and small images, the foot, ankle, wrist, back of the ear and lower stomach seems to be the preferred locations. For intricate and detailed tattoo designs, the rib cage has been getting a lot of attention lately. The back, shoulder blade and hip are another choice locations for huge body art rendition among women.

Tattoo designs for women are becoming more and more creative and expressive nowadays as tattoos continue to evolve with all the changes and advancements happening in the society. Truly, we can expect more innovative and artistic styles of tattooing in the years to come.

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